HVAC Schools In Connecticut

Situated in the southernmost part of the United States, Connecticut is the third smallest state. But despite its size, you can still come across many options when it comes to Connecticut HVAC training.

Officially known as “The Constitution State”, Connecticut’s hottest months are July to August. Since there is a desire to maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity level indoors during this season, the usage of air conditioning units and systems in residential and commercial areas increases. Consequently, this could possibly increase the demand for HVAC techs.

To give you a better idea on how the temperature shifts (a crucial factor on the demand for HVAC techs) in Connecticut all year round, here are the state’s average temperatures in each month:

The coldest times of the year are experienced during the months of December to February which usually ranges from 25.96°F to 31.13°F. The month of March can also be considered as a cold month since it has an average temperature of 36.94°F. A warm to hot season is expected from April to late October (April 47.07°F, May 57.77°F, June 66.29°F, August 69.77°F , September 61.68°F, October 50.60°F). July is the warmest month with 71.52°F.

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Connecticut HVAC Schools in a nutshell

Bristol Technical Education Center is at 431 Minor Street, Bristol, Connecticut. On its most recent record,  45 students are enrolled at this center. Each student has to pay $5,823 annually for their tuition fee. If you want to take a breather while you are studying or training HVAC at this center, you can always visit Lake Compounce. It’s a fun place to take your kids, if you have any, or spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. It has many attractions (Boulder Dash, Down Time, Rev-O-Lution and more) that can fill your day with fun.

233 Mill St, Waterbury is where you can find the Industrial Management Training Institute. It has currently 117 students. If you wish to study there, please keep in mind that its annual tuition fee is around $24,940. In fact, it has the highest tuition fee for HVAC schools within Connecticut. Aside from that, IMTI is also not far away from Seven Angels Theatre. I think it’s a cool idea to take a break from study every once in a while and treat yourself with some entertainment.

Another institution in Connecticut that offers Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) training is Lincoln Technical Institute-East Windsor. It is located at 97 Newberry Road, East Windsor. It currently has 655 students. You have to pay $15,454 every year if you wish to study there. If you need a break from school, Connecticut Trolley Museum might be the place you want to go. Aside from being a great museum for kids, it has also interesting historical relics.

If you are eager to enroll in a training school with HVAC labs and shops, Lincoln Technical Institute in New Britain might be the place for you. Lincoln Tech’s campus in Connecticut is located at 200 John Downey Dr, New Britain. The current 465 students in this tech school have an annual tuition fee of $18,457. If you decided to study there,  don’t forget to wander around New Britain Museum of American Art which is considered a “real gem” of New Britain.

In the city of Branford, you can enroll for an HVAC training and education in Porter and Chester Institute of Branford. Located at 221 W Main St, it has a student population of 298 and annual tuition fee of $24,120. While you are studying there, you can also visit Thimble Islands which its nearby seas are a perfect place for sailing and kayaking.

Another option for HVAC school in Connecticut is Porter and Chester Institute of Stratford. It is located at 670 Lordship Blvd. The current number of students at this institution is 2630. If you wish to finish your certificate or associate degree in HVAC, its yearly tuition fee costs around $23,459. Aside from PCI, Stratford is also the home of Two Roads Brewing Company. This is the perfect place for beer lovers. You can chill and have a chitchat session here with your friends after a long week of work and study.